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Trail of Bread Crumbs

Growing up I'd always been into everything finance. I even traded stocks on my parents brokerage accounts before I was of age. Throughout college I was fully "invested", working at asset management and brokerage firms even went through the pain of attaining CFA level I.

Then I discovered computer science and never looked back. A lot of people have asked me how I "just learned computer science". My best response has always been take what you enjoy and build from there. Learn by doing. There will be learning curves and challenges but being able to relate to what you build will be the driver. Copy and pasting a code academy tutorial just isn't enough. Just know there is someone out that has years of experience with whatever technology you're looking to learn that you can learn from.

Individual posts will be coming with the tag #breadcrumbs that follow up this post! These posts to come are what led me to the career I have today. Don't get me wrong, I still love finance and following the markets but am ever grateful for everyone and everything that led me this way.

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