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My First Hunt

First off, let me start by highly recommending Jesse Griffiths, his restaurant Dai Due based in Austin, and his New School of Traditional Cookery program. The team he has are highly knowledgeable, enjoyable, like-minded folks that live by the same ethos of healthy eating and sharing knowledge. The team could not have been more gracious and those who vibe well with them, vibe well with me. On top of that we got both of Jesse's books and a pretty sweet hat.

The class consisted of three hunts, processing thereafter, and two cooking classes using cuts we'd harvested ourselves. This couldn't be more comprehensive and focus on the parts that come after the hunt. The food was cooked by chefs from his restaurant and were delicious.

I couldn't be happier to have been guided by Jesse himself and have bagged a beautiful eight point buck. Being my first hunt, it was a dream to have been in that setting and have come across an animal like that. Full mount coming soon.

My own guide of notes from the classes, I'll keep adding to as I get more hunting experience.

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